About Me

Hello I’m James Bremner, I’m 15 years old, live in the north of Scotland, and enjoy taking photos.

I have taken pictures on holidays and at home, I hope you like them.

Whilst I’m here I may as well say that I also play football. Quite well really.

I started playing for Elgin City when I was in Primary 4, and have now also been with Buckie Thistle, Aberdeen, Elgin again, Ross County, and I’m now with Huntly. This means that if I ever play for a club in Scottish Division 2, I’ll have played for a club in every senior league in Scotland. 🙂

I also do a lot of cycling and some photos may be of me and taken by a friend.

I started off in photography using a little Canon Power Shot A410, which for the money did a reasonably good job! I then moved onto taking more and better quality photos using a Pentax K100D, which i still use and still enjoy using. Mostly I use a SMC Pentax DA 18-55mm lens as it can be used for all kinds of things.

I hope you enjoy looking at my photography, and if you are interested or curious about any photos, please don’t hesitate to ask, either on my blog or by email, jinkybremner@gmail.com.

See my photos featured in the PENTAX Photogallery

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